Making Froth @ Fine Print Studios

Making Froth @ Fine Print Studios

Spread The Froth is lucky to have total ledge-bag and printing guru Isaac Hellewell on board hand screen printing all our designs and making them come to life on quality garments. Now working out of his own studio in Perth, we caught up with the man that is Fine Print Studios.

Where and when did your screen printing venture start?

Making leavers shirts in year 12 for the boys, followed by an apprenticeship and 9 years of printing there.

What hooked you from the beginning?

Printing in a specialty tee shirt shop and learning the art of making the best possible shirt for retail.

What are some of the frothiest experiences being involved with the industry?

Frothiest moments....making my first label (WA Grown) and having whitey (Chris white) sporting one at the Tension 10 premier. Also printing shirts for heaps of killer bands, Tame Impala, Abbey May, more metal bands than you can poke a stick at.

Now working for myself, helping frothers to create something unique to their brand for the market that stands out on its own.

What's next for fine print studios?

Next keep working with my clients and take over the world and spread shirts with intentions. Weather it may be for art, music, good vibes, spiritual development or purely just style.

The more shirts people can wear that we have put good intention into whilst printing / designing them the better! Tee shirts are a gift that are given to one but received by many. Let's make sure they are received well and say what needs to be said!












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