About us

Welcome to the froth store

Born in the famous southwest surfing town of Yallingup, Spread the Froth began as a movement that was all about positive attitudes in the water and to get people frothing! From here our home grown clothing line was born. All with designs that represent what we believe surfing is all about...having fun, respecting the ocean, and frothing your head off on life in the water! 

 We are proudly born and bred West Aussie, and our apparel is designed and hand-printed right here in WA. So share waves and the company of your fellow surfer (or dolphin); have a rad time and promote good vibes and respect in the water! 

 Remember, we are lucky to be surfers! It’s not about egos and competition; it’s about the fiery passion that sucked you out to sea in the first place. Do it for the love of it. Respect yourself, others, and the ocean. Keep it real, keep it fresh, and keep it frothy! Yew! 

 Spreading the FROTH since 2015.


We use AS Colour blanks, which are high quality garments and certified child labour free. Please see more info on their factories, code of conduct and production here: https://www.ascolour.com.au/social-responsibility 

 We say NO to single use plastic and don't use plastic packaging or tagging. We bag up our clothes in re-usable fabric carry bags, so you can re-use and re-froth.

Thanks for frothing!